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    Who we are

    The INDOMINA project was born with the aim of creating a high content and fashionable product, which fully meets the needs of the coolest and most detail-oriented women.

    Our creative philosophy is dedicated to exalting the natural femininity and beauty of every woman.
    We work with enthusiasm and energy, trying to propose contemporary creations characterized by the unmistakable INDOMINA identity:
    a clear and recognizable stylistic feature, supported by the selection of the best materials and a careful study of details.

    Our project has its roots in the experience of Campania know-how, which is why we remain faithful to our most authentic tradition and to an Italian style that becomes an expression of elegance and reliability,
    classy and seductive.

    The INDOMINA brand offers a versatile and dynamic total look. INDOMINA carries out its own production,
    which allows you to customize the product according to market demands, with a speed that is fundamental in the fast fashion sector.

    The brand's production and retail headquarters are at the CIS in Nola, one of the most important branches of Italian fast fashion.
    A strategic place to speed up the time from concept to distribution and which allows everything to be produced in Italy,
    guaranteeing a speed of the production cycle that is unique in the sector.


    We try to guarantee production that complies with the highest quality and design research standards.
    The mission is achieved thanks to the support of a reliable internal staff and synergies with many external partners.


    Planning and design concerns the entire redefinition of the internal space that we try to study based on the typology and
    location of the store: cities and shopping centers.

    INDOMINA stores are characterized by modern and innovative furnishings but extremely discreet in their placement.
    In designing, our architects try to focus attention on light.

    The lighting is designed to highlight the products,
    furthermore, a careful selection of music compilations inspired by the DeepHouse genre allow for a unique shopping experience,
    a stimulating and modern visual and auditory journey.